At Garcia Architects, we have a passion for elevating lives through well-designed spaces. We believe that design isn't about buildings. It's about people. With people at the heart of our approach, we offer the following services tailored to nurture well-being, functionally, and aesthetics:

Commercial Architecture

& Interior Design

Single-Family & Multi-Family Architecture & Interior Design

Decor & Furniture Selection

& Procurement

Small Off-Grid Building Design

Feasibility Studies

Commercial Construction Management

Our holistic approach ensures that every aspect of your project is meticulously crafted to harmonize form and function, creating spaces that inspire, energize, and nuture the human spirit. Let us collaborate with you to bring your vision to life, transforming your surroundings into sanctuaries that elevate your daily experience.


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Garcia Architects offers a full range of architectural design, interior design, and construction management services. We help you identify and achieve your functional and aesthetic needs within your budget and timeframe.

In addition to eco-friendly design, we specialize in human-friendly design that supports optimal health and wellbeing. We have specialized knowledge in specifying VOC-free (non-toxic) products, lighting that supports occupants' circadian rhythm, and other wellness-based design solutions when requested by clients. We are passionate about designing spaces that incorporate natural materials and soothing colors. Ultimately, however, achieving your vision, functional requirements, budget, and schedule is our highest priority.

Elise Garcia leads our team of talented architects and designers. She is a licensed architect, interior designer, and construction manager with over 30 years of experience in residential and commercial projects for large corporate clients such as Bank of America to small businesses and homeowners. Elise grew up working in her father's architectural and real estate development company in Santa Barbara. Her father, Gil Garcia, is still actively involved in the firm's projects offering our clients his 50 years of expertise. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in architecture, Elise was trained at large design firms and also worked in-house for large property owners as a construction project manager before starting her own firm in 2004.

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